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Lib Demming in York

Very invigorating weekend at the Liberal Democrat spring conference in York.

It’s always good to catch up with old friends, and we’ve not been together in person for years.

But it was equally rewarding to listen to good, workable policies being debated and agreed.

Our policy on providing NHS dental services, for example, with a pledge to mend the mess this sector finds itself in after the total failure of the government to fix it.

A policy on immigration that treats those desperate enough to risk their lives in the search for sanctuary as human beings, not criminals. There were some truly moving speeches in this 'debate' (hardly a debate as we all agreed), particularly from MPs Alistair Carmichael and Tim Farron.

A consultation session on our food and farming policy with a room full of knowledge on everything from sustainable farming to animal welfare.

And a rousing leader’s speech which reminded everyone that Boris Johnson’s dreadful, botched Brexit deal has hurt our economy and our standing in the world. It’s plain to see that we need to work hard and fast to repair the damage done to our relationship with Europe - and the Liberal Democrats will fight for that.

If you believe in universal human rights, in protecting and nurturing our environment, in empowering local communities to make decisions about what they need and in fairness for all, then join us.

Help us elect more representatives who champion these values.


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