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It's looking positive

Our fantastic results in SouthHams were balanced out on Thursday but results in Torbay that were not quite so good. Several of the Torbay wards, including Brixham, Churston and some of Paignton sit within Totnes constituency.

The Lib Dems had been running Torbay council together with the Independent group up until the local elections. But the Independents lost a lot of support and the Conservatives did well - gaining all five seats in Brixham from the Independents. Overall, more people voted against the Tories than for them - which is a good sign. But the result was that the council reverted back to Tory control - devastating for the Torbay Lib Dems.

What does this mean for my campaign?

Well, it's still looking very hopeful.

The Conservatives only received 32% of votes cast across Totnes constituency - so our job now is to persuade anyone who doesn't want to be represented again by a Conservative MP, to vote for the person most likely to beat them... and that is the Liberal Democrats.

After a short break to restore my batteries I will be campaigning full time to make this happen.

If you'd like to join in, and I hope you will, please let me know! Join In | Caroline Voaden


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