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Govt decision will severely impact Brixham

There was an impressive turnout last night in Brixham - well done to the Chamber of Commerce for hosting a meeting on the potential road closure due to the Inglewood development and chairing it so successfully. There is no doubt that this closure will have a huge impact on Brixham and clearly concerns are running high.

Having lived through the traffic fiasco in Totnes a few years ago when the road layout was changed, I am in no doubt that the '10 minute delay' suggested by the developers is laughable.

Traffic is likely to be snarled up for miles once the closure happens - and one of my concerns is what happens between May and October? The road may have been re-opened, but presumably 'traffic management' means one-way lights?

We all know how much time it can take to snake through one-way lights, let alone in the peak summer season.

What is the impact going to be on emergency vehicles? On home care workers? On people trying to run a business, get to work, or get to school? I am urging colleagues at Torbay Council to do everything they can to persuade the developers to find another solution than closing the road.

My preference, as I said at the meeting, is for them to build a temporary road - regardless of cost. We all know they can afford it. The Council's hands are rather tied at this point - but let's not forget that Torbay have always said no to this development.

It was the Conservative Secretary of State who saw fit to give it the green light, and I am not aware of much lobbying for it to be refused permission by either the MP for Totnes, or the MP for Torbay when this decision was being made.


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