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Supporting strikers at Torbay

Good to catch up with the radiography team from Torbay hospital this morning and hear why they are striking.

They told me about the pressure on teams due to low retention and how the removal of bursaries in 2017 has made it harder to get people into the profession.

Everyone is under pressure to work extra hours to make up for gaps due to vacancies.

This is about more than pay. They feel a 5% offer is not enough - and they want the government to sit down with them and start talking.

For as long as the government refuses to enter into negotiations, the strikes are likely to continue, workers will feel ignored and the lack of respect will just seep further into poor industrial relations.

The NHS is in crisis - it's clear for everyone to see. Long term, sustainable ideas are needed to protect it. Ignoring the crisis and refusing to engage with staff is not going to make any of the problems go away and it's time the government engaged properly with these conversations.


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