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What would Brunel think?

It's shocking to see that Fastglobe has put the historic Brunel building by Totnes railway station up for sale.

While we all want to see progress on this site, selling off the heritage building right in the middle of it will ruin the chances of the visionary, game-changing community-led development that we want to see take root in our town.

Totnes is a town of ideas, of alternative vision, of thinking creatively. It is home to many people who want to see things done differently - where financial profit does not always have to be the be all and end all of every human transaction.

It's clear that Fastglobe, who are based in Essex, don't care about any of that, or the desire for Totnes to set the standard for a new way to do development, or the requirements of our Joint Local Plan.

SHDC has rejected their latest planning application for the site. Wouldn't it be good if Fastglobe just stepped away from the whole thing now, sold the site to the community and watched something inspiring take hold there?

Let's not give up hope - any potential purchaser of the Brunel building will want to explore the whole history of this site and the plans for its redevelopment. Maybe they'll have enough of a conscience to see the vision that Atmos has...


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