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Walk your ward - or some of it!

Epic day!

There is a Lib Dem thing called ‘walk your ward’ for councillors, to get to know their patch properly. Walking every street, literally getting to know what it looks like, the lay of the land...

It was clearly invented by someone in an urban ward...

Yesterday I walked several miles of the coastline in the South Devon constituency that I haven’t walked before - just a tiny fraction of what is a huge area!

It was glorious. Sweeping views, ups and downs (60 flights of stairs), bays and beaches, butterflies and birds and some incredible bilberries.

The water at Breakwater Beach could have been Greece it was so clear - but my end-of-day swim proved that it was far, far colder…

Came home for amazing scallops for tea from Rockfish - thanks for the cooking tips guys. They were amazing.


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