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Scones and a singalong

Eating cream teas was a very regular occurrence when I was campaigning to be an MEP back in 2019 - I ate more in a week than you could ever want... even though I love them!

So today it was lovely to drop in on the Totnes community cream tea celebration for the coronation, held at St John’s church Bridgetown.

Table service was done by the Rev Jim Barlow and his team, and the hall was packed.

After tea we had a good old fashioned singalong with some favourite folk songs from around the UK, and ended with a rousing rendition of the national anthem to mark a historic event.

Well done to all the organisers, it was a great event for the community, and thanks to everyone who baked cakes and contributed prizes to the raffle. Also to Morrisons who donated scones, cream and jam - done the Devon way, of course!

I was particularly impressed with a crocheted version of the crown that graced the piano - well done to whoever crafted that, it was a very impressive piece of crochet!


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