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Are Women Being Failed By Police?

February 3rd 2023

A new report released this week has shown that Devon & Cornwall Police are routinely letting down survivors of domestic abuse, rape and other sexual offences.

From not recording offences to not keeping victims informed about their cases, a report by the police inspectorate once again says the performance of the force is inadequate.

These failings have a very real impact on women’s lives. Survivors deserve better. And they need to know they can trust police to take them seriously and record every report of crime.

I told ITV News West Country that this report is just one more thing to add to a list of reasons why women have little trust in the police.

There is a huge job to do to rebuild trust.

Last year in my role as CEO of Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Services I wrote a joint letter to Police & Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez asking for assurances that misogyny will be rooted out of Devon and Cornwall Police for good.

The letter followed on from a report released in late October 2022 which highlighted a culture of ‘misogyny, sexism and predatory behaviour’ in the police, towards female officers as well as staff and members of the public.

I had hoped the Commissioner would meet with myself and a colleague from Cornwall - we are still waiting for that meeting to take place.


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