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The Wonder of our Coastline

January 29th 2023

I had a fascinating evening listening to Hannah Rudd read from her book ‘Britain’s Living Seas’.

Hannah presented her newly published book which covers everything from maritime protection to fishing and a thorough exploration of what lies beneath our rich coastal waters.

Marine biology doesn't just happen in the Maldives, she says - there's plenty right here to be interested in.

She navigated a really interesting audience discussion that ranged from bottom trawling to protecting and reviving marine environments, beach schools and the need to improve access to our coastline and beaches for all children, salmon farming, sewage dumping and the size of cod sold in fish and chips shops!

An engaged audience, a hugely knowledgable author and an inspirational tour around the wonder that is our British marine environment.

Thanks to Albatross Totnes and Eastgate Bookshop for hosting.


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