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Pirates in port

I dropped into the Brixham pirate festival on Saturday after some leafletting for the local elections. What a brilliant sight - and incredible costumes! My photos really don't do it justice, but give a sense of the fun and the theatre of the event.

I did feel very out of place in my jeans!

The Spanish galleon in the harbour for the weekend was truly stunning. She is a faithful historical replica of the Spanish galleons that sailed the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the American coasts from the 16th to the 18th Century. She is 55 meters in length, has six decks and is made of iroko and pine wood. She has almost a thousand square metres in her seven sails.

One of the biggest pirate festivals in the UK, it is a real tribute to the local community who started it in 2007 to liven up a quite bank holiday weekend. A huge well done to all the organisers and to Brixham, what a brilliant event.


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