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Is integrity dead?

It's been a long time since the Devon 4 Europe campaigners gathered on the streets, so it was great to be out in Exeter with them again.

I was pleased to speak about the lack of integrity and honesty in politics - after all it was the dishonest Leave campaign of 2016 that seems to have created an environment where the governing party believes it's acceptable to lie to the electorate. Even to parliament.

It's so common now to hear people who voted Leave say that they feel cheated because they now know they were lied to, and Brexit was one big con trick (with little upside for most of us!).

We also heard invigorating speeches on beating the Tories under our unfair First Past the Post System, the need for PR and the wilful refusal of this government to take seriously the climate emergency.

We’re half a minute to midnight yet we have no leadership because of vested fossil fuel interests and a stitched up media.

There is so much work to do once we get this government out and start realigning the priorities of government.


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