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How will the road closure affect you?

We are aware of the very significant impact of the potential closure of Brixham Road for four months and I, along with my Liberal Democrat colleagues at Torbay Council, consider a four month road closure totally unacceptable.

It is my understanding that Torbay Council, which did not approve this development, plans to challenge the Secretary of State, who did approve it.

Finding another way to manage the road improvements should have been a fundamental part of the planning conditions given with the decision by the Sec of State.

Torbay Council is keen to hear from as many people as possible about the impact such a road closure would have - on local residents, businesses, families, White Rock primary school, commuters, and anyone else who relies on this main road.

No decision will be made until all feedback is taken into account - so please participate by midnight on Sunday Nov 20th.


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