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Our Priorites 

Our priorities reflect the many conversations that we have had with the residents of South Devon, who want to see a government that prioritise people, place, nature and communities above profit.


Cost of Living Survey

People are struggling. Pensioners worrying about having the heating on for too long. Families who now face paying £1000s a year more in energy, petrol and food bills. We are determined to get more support for people who need it.

Taking a minute to fill in this survey will help us to make your voice heard on the cost of living crisis.

Health Survey 

As your Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, it is a top priority for me to make sure people across
our area have access to the best health services.
It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, rich or poor - the NHS was designed to be there for all
of us, when we need to use it. 
But health workers and patients have all been badly let down by this government.

Every day I hear from people who can't see an NHS dentist, are struggling to see their GP or waiting years for surgery on hips or knees. 
I'd like to hear from you too to give me the best picture of what is happening locally.

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