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It’s clear to everyone that the NHS is in crisis. Some people are having to wait weeks for a GP appointment, it’s virtually impossible to see an NHS dentist and young people have little hope of getting any support with their mental health. 


The Conservatives have plunged the NHS into crisis. They have run local health services into the ground, putting people, buildings and beds under immense pressure. With 112,000 staff vacancies in England alone, long waiting times, missed targets and poor outcomes, patient safety is being pushed into the danger zone.


All across South Devon NHS services are short of staff and under strain - I’ve spoken to people working in midwifery, radiography, speech therapy and they all say the same thing. The system is running on goodwill and that is running out.

We are lagging behind comparable countries, from obesity to mental health and life expectancy we are doing far worse than we should. 


I’m proud that our health policy wants improving the health of the nation to be the central driving mission for this and the next government, with a shift in focus to preventing ill health and tackling health inequalities.


Improving health is not only vital for people to live better lives, but also to relieve the pressure on our NHS. And of course Social Care comes into this too. Until we have sorted out the failing social care sector we will continue to see thousands of people in hospital who don’t need to be. 


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